For Investors

In Today’s dynamic market, investors constantly find themselves searching for new ways to get a heaping return on their capital. Most find their home on the stock market fighting it out for an annual return of 7-9%. Others turn to mutual funds, bonds, ETF’s, options, and a boatload of other complicated financial instruments just to end up with a sub-par return.  At NYP Investment Group, we work very closely with our investors to ensure a minimum 12% return whether your strategy is Buy and Hold or Fix and Flip.

We are in very HOT SWFL housing market where properties are flying off the MLS. Rent rates are though the roof. With a growing university and top of the line shopping malls scattered throughout, we don’t see this growth slowing down anytime soon. Perfect opportunities are blossoming everyday. But where there are sheep, there are wolves. Most deals are swept off the MLS in a of matter days. And what are you left with? Overpriced homes with no meat left on the bone. We pride ourselves in finding off-market, hard to find deals where you’re ensured to make a return.

To ensure the best experience, we have listed a few suggestions

  • Our deals tend to be all cash transactions which means in order to purchase these properties you need all the cash up-front OR have the means of buying in cash. We also work with a few houses that are financed through Owner Financing so don’t be discouraged.
  • Nearly all our deals carry an element of creativity. We found that open-minded investors had the best time with this. We are a young team and at our core, creativity is what makes us different. (Hence our name, NewYoungPerspective)